89% of Small Businesses credit higher success to working with a Good Accountant.

Increase your chance of success, by avoiding a crappy accountant.

Accounting for Small Businesses

The Right Solutions for Your Business Problems


Due to the VERY SPECIAL PRICING, this program is only limited to eight companies. So book a discovery call today to apply for a spot.

Monthly Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping is essential to knowing where your business stands so you can make critical decisions that lead to your success.

What you get: 

  • Done for your bookkeeping by our experienced team - $800 value
  • Monthly automaated financial reporting comprised of an Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Cashflow Statement.  $250 value
  • Communication with your tax accountant to ensure they are equipped to provide you, proactive tax advice. $800 value


Starting at $400/month*


*Typically pricing range is about 2% - 3.5% of your monthly revenue.

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Accounting Clean Up

Would you build your house on an unstable foundation? Believe it or not, most business owners build their businesses on an unstable financial foundation. Work with our experienced team to ensure your business' accounting and finance foundation is solid.

What you get:

  • An analysis of your current accounting and finance systems. $350 value
  • Process and procedure mapping for your core accounting process. $750 value
  • Clean up or set up of a simplified Chart of Accounts to make financial reporting simpler for you. $1,500 value



Starting at $750*

*price per clean up.

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1:1 Consult

A 60-minute working session that is perfect for financial and CFO analysis to build out custom tools to help you make critical business decisions.

Things that we typically discuss during consults:

  • Should I FIRE my accountant assessment (most common) $500 value
  • Pricing strategies tools $850 value
  • Financing and Cashflow strategies $1,500 value
  • Financial modeling and Pro-forma Financial support $2,500 value
  • Financial analysis for staffing and hiring strategies - $1,500 value

 $350 One-time Fee



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Lamar Hull

CEO of Med Rank Interactive

"The TLTurner Group has provided excellent and reliable service. We now have better insights into how our company is performing financially. We have referred several other businesses to Terrell because of the data driven decisions he has allowed us to make through understanding our finances."




Renee Hode

Director, Small Business and Entrepreneurship South Piedmont Community College

"During a consulting contract with the Small Business Minority Makeover initiative the TLTurner Group made an immediate impact by uncovered that a number of contracted jobs were being performed at a loss. Overall, the business was profitable, but it was losing money performing certain jobs. Terrell quickly developed a financial calculator for the client and the impact on the business was huge. Revenues have climbed and the business is armed with a customized calculator and newfound confidence that the business is using to secure additional contracts returning a profit margin in line with industry standards."


Jennifer White

CEO of MJW Group

"TLTurner Group came
at the right time after we were not receiving any Customer Service from our previous accountant.
The TLTurner Group have been instrumental in our growth as a Company when it comes to understanding best practices with accounting, bookkeeping, and taxes."

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